Flooding, YAAD, Haul of a few Witchy Things, etc

The past few weeks have been a bit crazy around here. We had two weeks of rain here in South Carolina, and with that came the Flooding. So sad.

In the midst of all of that I have been preparing my outline for NaNoWriMo, working on my YAAD studies, trying to hang in there with no internet, having to boil our water but feeling very lucky that we had electricity and running water. And extremely thankful once the mail started running again yesterday and brought some of my witchy supplies to me. 😀

I’ve joined Family Wicca’s YAAD studies and believe that might help me a great deal, along with Timothy Roderick’s Wicca YAAD, and Buckland’s big blue book. My witchy book collection has grown a great deal thanks to Thriftbooks and Amazon. 😀 Nothing wrong with a little used books sometimes. 😀

So now I’m off to work on my exercises for today’s YAAD studies.

4 thoughts on “Flooding, YAAD, Haul of a few Witchy Things, etc

  1. Sarah

    Your alter looks great! Isn’t it fun getting new supplies in the mail? Even though I have been a solitary practioner for almost 24 years I considered doing the year and a day with the Family Wicca site. The reason I didn’t is that I’m not on Facebook or other social medias. Just my blog and I don’t discuss Wicca on there. Some of my family and friends know but some do not. So, I feel like I’m kind of following along with you on your journey LOL.

    Thank you for sharing your videos.

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    1. I just started. As hard as it is to believe, especially since I’ve been pulled towards it since I was a child, but I just started my path in August. I think the Family Wicca YAAD will be fun, I’m learning a lot through Roderick’s book though. But I think it’s good to get various perspectives since there’s so many variances.
      Thank you. My altar is a work in progress. Soon I’ll need to find an actual table, but for now it works. I haven’t put up many videos recently but I will be posting more this weekend. Thank you for following and your comments. )O(


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